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3 Creative Ways to Convert SEO Leads into Clients

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Local Marketing | 0 comments

LOCAL SEO clients are clients you always want to work with. They’re usually pretty desperate, they require a whole suite of SEO services & bringing them results is typically more accessible.


Due to the ingenuity and strategy required to appeal to a local market, local firms are frequently the most intriguing SEO customers to work with.

The majority of consultants that are using our platform (LeadsGorilla) are focusing on LOCAL SEO.

Because of this, LeadsGorilla has evolved into a one-stop-shop that will allow you to find, research & close LOCAL clients without ever leaving the dashboard.

However, each business owner has its own kinks, so you might have to deploy several ‘guerilla’ tactics to close them as clients.

In certain situations, it might not be enough to stick to the script and use our DFY templates to get the job done and close the leads you find with LeadsGorilla.

For situations where you need to be EXTRA creative to close a lead that you want to work with, we’ve put together 4 creative strategies from which you can draw inspiration. 

1. Engage Local Business Owners in Conversation

I started looking for a nearby barber a few years ago since I was overdue for a haircut. After finding a barber with excellent recommendations on Google, I went to their website to find out more about their costs.

Unfortunately, when I visited their website, I was greeted by the message “Warning! Your connection is not private.” I recognized this as the company’s website not having its SSL certificate activated because I am an SEO consultant.

I phoned them to make an appointment, and when I was there, I informed the owner that they were experiencing online security difficulties.

I volunteered to use their SSL for free because the owner was managing the website and was ignorant of the problem. Later, she compensated my team for identifying further technical SEO problems, and our engagement grew longer.

The takeaway from this is that, frequently, striking up genuine relationships is the most excellent method to draw local SEO business.

The requirement doesn’t have to be as apparent as a site security problem, but if you can find one, chances are the company would be grateful if you let them know there are problems that are affecting their operations.

They’ll also appreciate your warning and assistance preventing them from losing out on potential business.

For instance, a local company might not be aware that the address listed in their Google Business Profile is outdated. Or that their website contains 404 problems. Possibly their contact form is broken.

Your counsel is frequently viewed as a huge favor and may result in a long-term relationship. Once you establish yourself as the local SEO authority, you might start receiving reference business at the very least.

Keep your eyes peeled whether you’re searching for a haircut, a cappuccino, or a gift for a buddy.

If you take the time to provide some free value in response to an SEO problem, you might be amazed at how quickly this leads to a new customer or reference.

2. Make LinkedIn connections with business owners

A leading business-to-business (B2B) network, LinkedIn assists professionals in creating new connections and locating clients.

However, it is a platform frequently misused by marketers who bombard consumers with spam and cold calls.

Stop being “that man.”

Instead, make genuine contacts on LinkedIn with company owners to pique their interest in working with you.

Here’s how to utilize LinkedIn to get clients for local SEO:

  • Improve your profile – Update your personal profile with a professional photo. Include information about what you do in your tagline and “about” section. To raise your profile, seek recommendations from previous customers and colleagues.
  • Post informative material – Post informative content, videos, articles, and photographs for your audience. Discuss issues, subjects, and tales pertinent to their business needs.
  • Send connection requests to neighborhood organizations and business owners – Please introduce yourself without mentioning your services. Imagine shaking hands with someone you just met at a conference. Don’t pitch!
  • Encourage follow-up – Send a thank-you message to the person who accepted your connection request when they’ve done so. Ask them about their current projects, hobbies, and other topics.
  • Follow accounts relevant to your specialty and provide feedback or inquiries on their posts – Send invitations to connect to other users who are following the duplicate accounts as well.

Users will start to view you as the local SEO authority and may contact you on their own if you foster real engagement.

Offer to assist the business owner in finding a solution to an issue if the talk goes far enough.

If they show any interest, this might come from a free audit, consultation, or resource.

In contrast to clients forced into a project, the ideal clients are those who voluntarily desire to engage with you.

3. Establish Collaborations With Marketing Companies

I’ve discussed a few strategies to get in touch with local business owners directly, but agency collaborations are another clever strategy to get more local SEO clients.

There are probably several marketing companies offering marketing services in your neighborhood.

Not all of them, nevertheless, will provide SEO. Creating a partnership could be an excellent method to white label your services or gain referral business.

This is how it goes:

  • Look for marketing firms – Find local marketing companies by performing a Google search. List the companies that don’t seem to provide SEO services.
  • Note their phone number – Find the contact details for the organizations on your list. It’s best to provide a phone number or email address (over a contact form).
  • Send a message to them – Contact the organizations by phone or email and say something like this: “Hello [name of agency], My name is [your name], and I specialize in local SEO in the [city]. Since I notice that you also provide marketing services in the [city] region, I’m contacting you. If SEO isn’t your strong suit, I was wondering if we could work out a joint venture where I recommend you for [something you don’t offer] services, and you direct local SEO requests my way. If you’re interested, I’d love to talk to you more about this. At [phone number] or [email address], you may get in touch with me.

Others could recognize the benefit of mutually beneficial collaboration. However, agencies that view this as a straight pitch might not get in touch with you.

For instance, you might provide them leads, and they may send you SEO clients. Alternatively, you may provide a commission based on any new company that comes your way.

This may be a fantastic passive marketing strategy for attracting new customers.

Additionally, agency partners could enjoy a variety of additional benefits, including networking chances or chances to guest post.

There are No Shortcuts

You’ll discover that sincere building relationship is the key to attracting excellent local SEO clients.

Therefore, creating deep relationships is the most excellent approach to drawing in outstanding clients through networking, public speaking, forming partnerships, or offering free value.

Instead of making a sales pitch, consider how you might help regional companies or organizations.

Many individuals are open to experts who take the time to get to know them, solve an issue for them, and foster a cordial relationship.

  • Want to work with more local SEO clients who are genuine prospects?

Make relationships and promote long-term collaborations by using these strategies.


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