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The Power of AI-Driven Lead Generation (LeadsGorilla Case Study)

by | Feb 4, 2023 | Local Marketing | 0 comments

One of the most difficult things for a new business to do is to find new customers. The ability of a small business to expand and attain its full potential depends on a constant influx of new customers. In an environment like this, having access to a platform like LeadsGorilla can completely alter the playing field.

growing businesses with LeadsGorilla

In this piece, we’ll examine the extraordinary results obtained by a US-based marketing agency that started using LeadsGorilla to locate and close more clients.


The State of Things BEFORE using LeadsGorilla


This case study is about an emerging marketing firm in Asheville, North Carolina that focuses on expanding the web presence of local businesses in the region. The agency was having trouble expanding its client portfolio despite its excellent workforce and stellar reputation.

They were using time-consuming and ineffective approaches like cold calling and attending networking events.

Cold calls leave you frustrated? There's a better way

Cold calls leave you frustrated? There’s a better way


The State of Things AFTER using LeadsGorilla


The use of LeadsGorilla proved quite fruitful for the marketing firm starting with the first 3 weeks. Finding and securing additional customers resulted in higher revenue and ultimately led to the company’s expansion. Important lessons learned from this case study include:

  • The proprietary AI-Scoring Algorithm used in LeadsGorilla aided them in locating qualified leads in markets that were generally beyond their scope. Instead of only servicing North Carolina clients, the agency is also pursuing European clients.
  • With LeadsGorilla, they now have the on-demand ability to generate professional reports and customize them with their own branding (logo, business details, etc.) – this makes it easier to present their service to potential clients and leverage the VIA (Value in Advance) structure to their advantage.
  • The agency had a big issue with touching base with new clients and this was evident when analyzing the outreach campaigns. Since they adopted Leadsgorilla, they started leveraging AI-generated outbound email sequences that are already optimized to achieve the industry’s best open rate and conversion rate. This allows the business to operate smoothly and contact leads in bulk with customized business proposals.

Key Takeaways:


As a result of using LeadsGorilla, the North Carolina-based agency was able to increase its profits by a huge margin. In order to avoid wasting time and resources on unqualified leads, the company implemented our proprietary Lead-Scoring Algorithm to quickly and easily identify pre-qualified leads. To better deploy its resources, the company was able to develop reports that revealed key information about its leads.

LeadsGorilla’s AI-generated email sequences were one of its most useful features as pointed out by the CFO. The outbound emails were suddenly tailored to the company’s specific goals, and as a result, they were quite successful in turning prospects into paying customers. A rise in the company’s ability to attract new customers resulted in higher earnings.

New customers weren’t the only factor in the company’s increased revenue; increased deal closures also played a role.

Closing more clients with LeadsGorilla

Closing more clients with LeadsGorilla

The lead creation process was streamlined thanks to LeadsGorilla. Since many of the previously laborious processes in lead generation have been automated, the company has gained valuable resources that have been redistributed elsewhere. With this increased productivity, the company was able to expand its operations and attract additional customers.

All things considered, LeadsGorilla proved to be an outstanding success for the company. The company saw many benefits, including an increase in revenue, a boost in efficiency, and an influx of new customers.

These outcomes demonstrate the worth of LeadsGorilla for firms and newly founded companies that want to expand their client base.

The company’s revenue increased by almost 55% after incorporating LeadsGorilla into its lead-creation process. The efficiency of the Lead-Scoring Algorithm and the AI-generated email sequences were major factors in this phenomenal expansion.

LeadsGorilla has become an integral part of the company’s operations and is largely responsible for its success.



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