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Find Your Next Paying Client/Customer In
60 Seconds With Just 3 Simple Steps:

Point, Click, and Have Hundreds of Leads Lining Up To Buy Your Products & Services.
Find, Nurture, & Close NEW Clients From One Dashboard.

  • Find Qualified Leads In Less Than A Minute

    Simply login, choose a business category, keyword, and/or location and hit enter.

    Step 1

  • Our AI Generates Reports For Prequalified Leads

    Identify the least optimized leads AUTOMATICALLY & generate professional business reports.

    Step 2

  • Contact and close clients with our AI helping you

    Let the A.I. write a custom business proposal and get paid!

    Step 3

LeadsGorilla 2.0

Solves All Of These Problems For Every Digital Agency, Local Marketer, and Entrepreneur:

  • Finding the highest quality leads available by using our NEW Ai Powered Lead Score Technology
  • Save time prospecting your services so you have more time to work on revenue generating activities
  • Remove the fear of rejection with AI High Converting Cold Email Creation
  • Increased engagement with brand new conversion focused client PDFs
  • Google Business Profile (GBP), Facebook, & Yelp descriptions using Ai writing tools
  • The ability to search for businesses GBP by using the exact business name
  • Correct and evolved email identification for all GBP and Facebook leads
  • Improve business reviews using State of the Art Ai Google, Yelp, & Facebook review replier
  • Multi-language support for client generated
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Only 44% of Local Businesses
Have Claimed A Google Business Profile

(Formerly Known As Google My Business)

Even with all the advancements of technology, we still find it incredible that over half of local businesses have
yet to claim their Google Business Profile.
By leaving their listing unclaimed, they're missing out on a TON
of traffic and potential sales for their business.

  • Finding customers can be difficult without being a household name
  • Increasing brand awareness has been challenging
  • Most don't have a social media presence or they're not using it consistently to connect with their audience
  • 56% have neglected their GBP which means they're giving away free sales to their competitors (by the way, this is always a way to get your foot in the door)
  • They don't know how to maintain an email list or database and send promotions that will increase sales
  • They don't respond to negative reviews which only hurts their future business
  • They have poor unresponsive web design and/or no mobile design. This means that since half of traffic is on mobile, they're missing out on sales.
  • They don't spend money on ads, or they're using outdated advertising like Yellowpages.

Here's Why That's Bad For Them, But Great For You.

We never wish ill will on anyone and their business. Furthermore, we never want or advise anyone to take advantage of anyone else when they're down.

However, the current climate has birthed an amazing opportunity if you're a marketing agency, local marketer, or entrepreneur.

See, most local businesses are too tied up in the day to day. They know they need to take advantage of all the new tools and digital opportunities for their business. But because of burnout and busyness…it just gets neglected.

And as a result, they continue to suffer and struggle. But that's where you can help them. You can provide the services they need, help them thrive, while building a successful business for yourself at the same time!

Here's just a snippet of the types of services these businesses are looking for:

  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design & Brand Creation
  • Website Creation
  • Facebook and Google Ads Creation and Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Creation
  • Local Marketing, Social Media, Reputation Management

Here's The #1 Problem.
Those Struggling Businesses Are Looking For
Your Help, But They Don't Know You Exist!

If it happens that you're offering any of the services above (or even the ones not mentioned) You're in the right place at the right time!

Right now, there is a business owner somewhere desperately hoping for someone to come in and handle the very same thing that you offer as a service. The only problem? They don't know how to find you.

As such, it only puts you in the category of local agencies or local marketers that continue to struggle for success. What you need is a solution that will SEAMLESSLY let you connect with these businesses without much hassle.


Normal Price: $127


ONLY $37


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Secure Payment - 30 Days Money Back

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We Fixed That Problem And Our Users Saw Success!

We love to provide solutions for marketing agencies and local marketers. That's how LeadsGorilla 1.0 came to be. We worked on a solution that would make it easy to connect with local businesses with local marketers to get results.

And what became of it was truly impressive:

Yet, Even With That Success…
We Still Weren't Satisfied.

Even though we had developed a top of the line proprietary lead technology, we still knew we had to adapt to today's climate. With the rise of Ai, we only felt it best to tear down LeadsGorilla 1.0 and build it back up better than ever.

We wanted it to be faster, stronger, and easier to use than its predecessor.

More importantly, we wanted it to be able to:

  • Find the best quality leads in REAL TIME
  • Incorporate TRUE Ai technology to handle writing prospecting emails
  • Find the best leads ANYWHERE in the world fast
  • Give more data for each and every business so local marketers and agencies could find the best leads for their services
  • Tap into a depth of leads from Google and Facebook
  • Find the best leads in any and every language
  • Have the option to write reviews and descriptions on the fly using Ai technology
  • Have multiple filtering options that makes sorting the best leads for a business seamless
  • And, be so simple to use that even the most technologically challenged person could start using it within minutes.

What If There Was a Way To Click A Few Buttons & Increase Your Chances of Success With Your Digital Agency or Business?

Would You Be Interested?

It was these questions and others that kept us up at night. We genuinely wanted to make succeeding with local marketing as easy and as simple as could be.

To do this, we knew we not only needed to provide next generation tools, but also make it where any local marketer or agency could have businesses chasing them down to talk instead of the other way around.

So we got to work. Feverishly working on ways to increase value for the local business through the hands of our users.

And after hundreds of hours and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent, we're pleased to announce that the solution is now real…

The Next Generation of
Profitable Local Lead
Generation Has Arrived.

Introducing LeadsGorilla

Find Your Next Paying Client/Customer In Only
60 Seconds In Just 3 Steps

  • Step 1

    Choose a business category,
    keyword, and/or location

  • Step 2

    Select the leads you want,
    generate a detailed client report,
    and let the A.i. write the email.

  • Step 3

    Wait for the client to reply,
    offer your service, and get paid!

DEMO VIDEO - Watch Us Find Profitable Leads

These Businesses Can Benefit From
LeadsGorilla 2.0

Marketing Agency & Local Marketers

Discover tons of businesses that can benefit from all the services you offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s web design, SEO, PPC, social media posting, GBP optimization, or others…you’ll never lack for hungry prospects again.

Ecom Agency Owners

You’re going to LOVE LeadsGorilla 2.0. You can INSTANTLY find businesses that don’t have their own ecom shop and offer to set it up for them. It’s not uncommon to make $2,000-$5,000 per client for this

Coaches & Consultants

Delve into a TON of businesses that are looking for guidance to hire someone to help their teams achieve success in their marketing. Simply share your expertise and get contracted soon after.

B2B Companies

Find businesses who are complementary to what you have to offer. Perfect for growing your portfolio of small businesses you can partner with regularly for ongoing revenue.


Uncover multiple potential businesses that are a perfect fit for your brand new products or inventions. Use this to find licensing deals that could lead to seven figure partnerships and more


Find partners who will want to invest in your new business. Get funding and create deals that could lead to multi-million dollar exits.


Normal Price: $127


ONLY $37


Get Instant Access

Secure Payment - 30 Days Money Back

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Here’s What Makes LeadsGorilla 2.0 Different from Other Lead-Finding Tools

Quality over Quantity

We run multiple background checks on every lead before we display it in your dashboard. With every search you make inside LeadsGorilla 2.0, you’re GUARANTEED to get a curated list of leads that won’t contain fake entries or outdated contact information. per client for this. Get more leads for your business starting today.

Proprietary Lead Recommendation Algorithm

While most of our competitors will give you the same lineup of leads, we’ll personalize your results depending on the services you’re offering to your clients. Instead of going for EVERY lead, you can laser-focus your client prospecting.

Pain Point-based Audits & Reports

Generic client reports don’t work. Our users are averaging 2X the industry’s average client-closing rate because all our reports specifically highlight the biggest pain points of every lead in a manner that’s easy to understand and act upon.

Here’s Everything Included With LeadsGorilla 2.0…

And Why You’re Going To Love It For Your Business!

We’ve enhanced the proprietary lead technology from 1.0, fused it with Ai and made it even better. Now you’ll be able to find all necessary data to determine if the lead is a good fit to go after. This includes:

  • Whether or not the email is publicly available
  • If the phone number is available
  • Is the address available and correct
  • Is the website responsive
  • Is it ranking in the 3 pack of Google maps
  • Is the business already engaging in advertising
  • AI Lead Generation to get more business leads

Find Claimed & Unclaimed Businesses

with 100% Accuracy.

A.I.-Powered Lead Scoring Technology

allows you to go after prospects that NEED your services the most.

FULLY Customizable Client Reports

for GMB & Facebook.

A.I.-Assisted Lead Search Technology

improves loading times by 80%.

A.I. Business Description Writing Tool

AUTOMATICALLY generates SEO-optimized business descriptions.

A.I. Cold
Email Creator

Craft personalized outbound emails around the lead’s pain points AUTOMATICALLY.

A.I. Facebook Post

Create engaging Facebook posts for ANY business AUTOMATICALLY.

A.I. Google Post

Create engaging Facebook posts for ANY business AUTOMATICALLY.

Industry-Leading Email

Ensure that your outbound emails are never sent to a bouncing address.


allows you to Generate Client PDF Reports in 14 Additional Languages besides English

Accessible & Intuitive
UI / Dashboard

Use LeadsGorilla immediately, regardless of skill level.

24/7 Customer Support

Industry-leading customer support & customer success teams at your disposal 24/7.

Monthly QoL Updates

We’ve already pushed +30 that made Leadsgorilla EASIER & FASTER to use.

Lead Contacting

One click of your mouse is all it takes to get in contact with a lead found via LeadsGorilla

Global Geo-Targeting

Ensure that your outbound emails are never sent to a bouncing address.

3-Step Client-Closing

sing the proven-to-work VIA (Value in Advance) framework.

Outbound Email

Eliminate missed opportunities with our library of battle-tested email templates.

Dynamic Email Placeholders

Personalize ANY email template found in our community library in seconds.

Multi-Angled Constructive Problem Reporting

Close clients by making them aware of issues regarding their Facebook listing & GMB issues

Cloud-Based Solution works on EVERY device

Just open your browser on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or ChromeOS

Lead Management Module

Organize your leads & save all your qualified prospects.

A.I. Review Assistant

Respond to Negative or Positive Reviews AUTOMATICALLY.

A.I. Yelp Post Creatory

Create engaging Yelp posts for ANY business AUTOMATICALLY.


Normal Price: $127


ONLY $37

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As of Today, Facebook Has 200 MILLION Small Businesses That Use Their Platform & Google's G Suite Has 6 MILLION PAYING Businesses.

LeadsGorilla 2.0 Can Help You Find & Connect With Them In Just 60 Seconds.

When it comes to succeeding in local marketing, speed is of the utmost importance. You need to connect with the right prospects the first time. That's what makes LeadsGorilla 2.0 so great.

With millions upon millions of businesses available in the database, you won't have to open multiple tabs and copy and paste information to try and connect with businesses.

Every single bit of data you need is available at your beck and call for every single business that Google and Facebook has available. Just select a category or enter a keyword and you've got more leads than you could ever handle.

Our A.i. Technology Delivers The Most Up To Date RESPONSIVE Leads In REAL Time.

Find Your Next Profitable Client Faster And Close Deals Quickly…

We live in a world full of technology. As A.i. becomes more integrated into society, it only makes sense that we use it for our business. That’s what you’ll love about LeadsGorilla 2.0.

The A.i. does exactly what it’s supposed to do and that’s make your job of finding high quality potential clients easier than ever. There’s no guesswork involved. The A.i. qualifies the best leads and crafts the emails for you with the client’s pain points so they stand up and take notice and want to work with you.

No more waiting months hoping to get a response. Tap into our A.i. and start seeing replies in just days…

AI Generated High Converting
That Get You Past
The Gatekeeper

You don't even have to figure out how to write the perfect email. LeadsGorilla 2.0 does it for you!

Our in house A.i. will craft the perfect email to help you contact leads fast. You can make any tweaks you want or use templates if you wish, edit…and press send.

No more spending thousands of dollars on copywriters or fussing over exactly what to type. It's all handled for you with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Stunning 1 Click Reports That
Make You An Authority

The #1 key to getting a client to buy from you is to show you're an authority figure. You must share expertise in a way that convinces them you can solve their problem.

Now what is the problem? They need customers!

With only a single click, you can show them EXACTLY where they're leaving FREE online and foot traffic on the table which could result in a loss of 10's of thousands of dollars for or more for their business.

Simply send them the report showing these failures in their business. From there, they'll have no choice but to come to you for help.

Fear Of Rejection Will Be A Thing Of The Past…

Dealing with rejection is by far the hardest part for most aspiring agency owners and entrepreneurs. But that's where LeadsGorilla 2.0 shines. With all the leads you can access, you won't have to make a single cold call.

Not a single one.

You simply use the tools included and contact leads via email. Once you get a reply back from the business owner, you're already halfway to your goal of closing the client.

Their reply indicates they want to know more about your products and services which gives you permission to market to them without being the least bit intrusive. Just send over your offers, sign the client, and get paid.

First-to-Market A.I. Service Suggestion

A crucial part of convincing a prospect to work with you is picking the right 'foot-in-the-door' service.

Your business proposal needs to be crafted around that ONE service the potential client needs the MOST.

But figuring out what that service IS can take up to 30 minutes per lead.

You'll need to consider the website, the social media accounts, the current Google rankings, the local citations
fleet, the online reviews, the GBP profile, and the list can go on…

Our A.I. Will Do the Research for You

If you're using LeadsGorilla 2.0., you'll know EXACTLY what service you should offer as soon as the lead pops up inside the search result.

We've developed a self-learning A.I. that automatically does all the research for you and tells you EXACTLY what kind of service you should offer to EVERY lead you find.

This allows you to TARGET those businesses in desperate need of the very same services you're offering.

This is one of the reasons why we consider Leadsgorilla 2.0 to be one of the best lead generation companies.

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Create True SUSTAINABLE High Ticket Recurring
Revenue With Less Hassle Using Leadsgorilla 2.0

You won't need to spend a ton of time on trying to source the best leads (we do that for you). That means you can devote that time to building an incredible income. Having access to LeadsGorilla 2.0 makes this possible with all the features and tools it boasts.

See for yourself why Leadsgorilla 2.0 is one of the best lead companies


Normal Price: $127


ONLY $37


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Just 30 Minutes/Day With LeadsGorilla 2.0
Can Help You Build A True Six or Even Seven
Figure Business.

Because you'll have the A.i. working for you and the new streamlined LeadsGorilla 2.0 platform tools available, you won't have to spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect leads. The A.i Lead Scoring Technology does all of that for you and then some.

With this level of innovation, you could honestly spend just 30 minutes a day accessing new leads ripe for the picking while signing multiple 4 and 5 figure monthly deals from those same leads.

Special Upgrade Alert!

The Step by Step BluePrint For Finding and
Closing Clients For Your Digital Services
Using 3 Secrets.

We're also going to take it to another level and provide you SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE training on how to find and close clients FAST for any of the digital services you sell. In this special training, we share every secret and tactic with no stone left unturned. You'll get access as soon as you sign up today.

Here's just a quick snippet of what you'll discover in this CLOSED DOOR training:

Cloud-Based app that finds small business leads anywhere in the world (in any language) in just 60 seconds

Usually Costs

Yours for free

The SECRET "LeadScoring System" module that reveals you the most unoptimized leads looking for help

Usually Costs

Yours for free

Powerful Email Sending to Leads Module From Your Campaigns With Targeted Content

Usually Costs

Yours for free

Detect and Identify Google My Business Claimed and Unclaimed Status Module

Usually Costs


Create the most advanced Google My Business and Facebook Pages lead magnet PDF reports for clients in minutes.

Usually Costs


DFY High-Converting Client Closing Email Templates crafted to work hand in hand with the professional PDF Reports

Usually Costs


2000+ local niches (access the updated TRENDING and best converting local niches)

Usually Costs


The complete Outsourcing Cheat Sheet that allows you to outsource 97% of the work while keeping the rest

Usually Costs


And many more UNANNOUNCED bonuses and local marketing DFY resources

Usually Costs


We'll Also Gift You These EXCLUSIVE Bonuses With Your One Time Investment In LeadsGorilla 2.0 Today

Here's Our No Risk 30 Day 100% Money Back Policy:

Take the next 30 days to decide whether or not LeadsGorilla is right for your business. Tap into the most freshest and profitable leads that the world has to offer. Use the platform to connect with these leads in one click with no cold calling. If after doing so, you feel that LeadsGorilla isn't everything we've promised on this page (and then some), we'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Plus, you can keep the bonuses as our way of saying thanks for giving LeadsGorilla a fair try.

Sounds fair?


Normal Price: $127


ONLY $37


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Now You've Got Two Choices:

Continue To Spend Thousands On Stale Leads Or
Make a SMALL One Time Investment Today and Get Access To The Best Leads Available For Life!

We won't beat around the bush. There are tons of lead sources available online. But they can be pretty expensive. And worse, they're only a limited amount you'll get with your investment.

But with LeadsGorilla 2.0, you get all the leads, data, tools, and A.i. components for just a LOW one time payment today.

It's like getting access to high ticket clients for just a fraction of a penny. You simply can't beat those numbers in any way.

These Leads Are Going To Pay Someone To Help Them. Why Not Let That Be You?

(Don't Let Them Go To a Competitor)

Businesses know they can't afford to ignore the benefits of being seen and found online any longer. The current economy has taught them that much. Yet, because of being tied down in the day to day of running and growing the business, they're going to look for someone to take care of the things you ALREADY specialize in.

In other words…they're going to pay for the services and products you provide.

The only question is whether or not they'll pay you or pay your competition.

Let's make that be you. Use LeadsGorilla 2.0 to get ahead and get an unfair advantage when it comes to accessing, qualifying, and contacting leads who can pay you what you're truly worth.

Trying To Succeed Without LeadsGorilla 2.0?
We Wouldn't Recommend It.

Could you try to do this on your own without all the tools included with LeadsGorilla 2.0? Sure.

Would it be wise? Absolutely not.

The following shows the only other two ways you could accomplish this without LeadsGorilla 2.0:


Outsource Struggle & End Up
Outsourcing or Hiring Professionals

  • Online Researcher
  • Google SEO Specialist
  • Facebook Researcher
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Appointment Setter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Translator
  • Yelp Optimization Specialist


$4500 +


Hire a Team
In House

  • UX and UI Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Coder/Developer
  • Web Design Specialist
  • SEO Optimization Specialist
  • Virtual Assistant


$9500 +

Act Fast!

This Discount On LeadsGorilla 2.0 Is Only Available For a Limited Time!

Right now, LeadsGorilla 2.0 is available for a LOW one time investment today. That means you can tap into all its amazing features for pennies on the dollar.

But…this won’t last. The investment in LeadsGorilla 2.0 is climbing every day. And when the clock runs out on this page, you’ll either have to pay more for access or you could wind up paying a monthly fee.

Or possibly both.

The only thing standing between you and a true six or seven figure business…is just a small one time investment.

Make the smart decision and get access today…while you still can.

Normal Price: $127


ONLY $37


Get Instant Access

Join Over 23,000 Satisfied Members.

Get Access To The Next Gen AI Client Finding Platform
And Start Finding Targeted High Quality Leads

Early bird offer expiring soon:


LeadsGorilla 2.0

  • Find Facebook Leads on Demand
  • Find Google Leads on Demand
  • Generate Facebook Client Reports
  • Generate Google Client Reports
  • Access to Lead Management Module
  • Access to ‘Contact Leads’ Module
  • Video Training
  • Revamped UI & Dashboard
  • Find Claimed & Unclaimed Businesses
  • Email Validation Algorithm
  • AI Powered Lead Scoring
  • AI Business Description Writing Tool
  • AI Cold Email Creator
  • Premium 24/7 Support Team
  • AI Review Assistant
  • AI Yelp Post Creator
  • AI Facebook Post Creator
  • AI Google Post Creator
  • Works Worldwide, Mac OS & PC
  • Global Geo-Targeting
  • Dynamic Email Placeholders
  • Lead Filtering
  • Search in Any Language
  • Outbound Email Template Library
  • Multi-Angled Problem Reporting
  • 30 Days Money Back Policy
  • Contact 3000 Leads / Month
  • Search 50,000 Leads / Month
Normal Price: $127 / YEARLY


71% OFF Discount

23,000+ Members can't be wrong.



  • NEW Artificial Intelligence Powered Lead Score Technology
  • Brand New Conversion-Focused PDF Report Design Improved Lead Finding Technology & Speed.
  • Artificial Intelligence Business Description Writing Tools - For Google My Business, FB & Yelp!
  • Directly search for a business name identifying its GBP
  • Evolved business email identification for GBP & FB Leads
  • A.I Review Replier
  • A.I Review Replier
  • Google 3 Pack Rankings Checker - Automatically Check Leads 3 Pack Maps Ranking (Visibility)
  • Google Organic Ranking Position Checker
  • Google Local Ads Validation
  • Fully Editable Reports Design
  • Enhanced & Improved PDF Reports
  • Added 10+ Languages support for reports generation.



Q. Is this TRUE A.i. technology or is it just a fad?

Yes. It’s real A.i. technology that we’ve developed in house. This technology will give you access to more data, show you the best leads, and also write emails for you that you can send to potential clients. If you keep asking yourself "how to get leads for my business?" using AI, Leadsgorilla 2.0 is the right answer. Try it risk free with our 30 days money back policy.

Q. How soon can I see results?

We have people that are closing multiple deals quickly using our platform. However, because we don’t know your work ethic, we can’t answer that for you personally, but we can CONFIDENTLY say that you’ll find some of the highest and best quality available in 60 seconds once you log in on the next page.

Q. Is there a Money Back Policy?

Yes! As you can see on our page, we have a 30 day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with our product just contact us and we'll refund your money.

Q. Do I get support and tutorials on how to start?

Yes, we have full video training and tutorials. You can always contact our support team if you have questions or concerns. Our dedicated support team can answer to any questions and help you when needed.

Find Your Next Paying Client/Customer
In Only 60 Seconds Using Leadsgorilla 2.0

Normal Price: $127


ONLY $37


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