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How to Claim a Business on Google Business Profile (former GMB)

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Local Marketing | 0 comments

Ever wondered how those pins for businesses appear on Google Maps? 

Or how Google is aware of their specific location, contact information, and business hours?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins & outs of the newly revamped Google Business Profile and explain how and why you should make the effort to claim a Google Business Profile.

This know-how is invaluable if you’re doing consulting work for other businesses, you want to make a name for your company, or you have trouble bringing clients in the door.

Important: At the end of 2021, Google launched “Google Business Profile” (GBP) –  an upgraded method for local businesses to manage their local listing. This new platform effectively replaced the old Google My Business interface. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in this blog post:

  • How to claim an existing business on Google.
  • Why claiming a business on Google is a MUST.
  • The 4 QUICK ways of optimizing a recently claimed GBP entry to show up organically on Google search. 

Why It’s ESSENTIAL to Claim a Business on Google

The majority of ‘local gurus’ will tell you that having a Google Business Profile (GBP) is necessary for local SEO, and they are not mistaken. However, creating a GBP is also a significant step toward obtaining a map listing.

Note: Google automatically creates new business profiles as its algorithms figure out that people go to a certain type of business and they mention it online. As a business owner or as someone that helps a business owner, you should seek to create a new business profile before Google creates one automatically. 

Even if you or your customer don’t have a physical location, Google verification will make you searchable and discoverable when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Claiming a Business is as EASY as 1,2

It’s never been EASIER to claim a business on Google – especially since 2022 after Google got busy and revamped the interface a bit.

Here’s everything you need to do to claim a business on Google:

STEP 1: Create or Find the GBP Listing

1. Go to to create (or find) a listing for the business.Note: To start, do a Google search for the name of your company to see if it’s already there. If it does, click Manage to move on to the verification stage. Choose “add your business to Google” if it isn’t already listed.

2. Your business name will be requested on the following screen. I advise using the name by which you want your clients to refer to your company. For instance, if an LLC has a name that differs from the name of the storefront, use that name.

2. After that, you must decide which category best describes your company. Most of the time this is straightforward, as in retail, consultancy, or a restaurant. Choose the category you generally use to describe your business from the choices provided by Google.

3. You are prompted to add a physical location in the following step. I advise adding an address, such as your corporate headquarters, even if you do not have a shop because it will affect local SEO.NOTE: In the absence of a physical address, Google will request your service regions, such as West Chester, Pennsylvania, or Manhattan, New York. Multiple service regions can be added!

4. Finally, you should offer a mechanism for customers to contact you, so be sure to include your company’s website and phone number.

💡 PRO TIP: Lacking a business phone? Use Google Voice.

STEP 2: Verify the GBP Listing

Now that you manage to find or create a GBP listing for a business, it’s time to verify it.

Keep in mind that without this verification, you won’t stand a chance against other competitors that have already undergone this procedure. They will be feature on top of you even if their metrics are not as good.

Postcard, phone, email, bulk, and rapid verification are some of the options available for verifying your business.

Quick Verification

You should use Google Search Console for your company, and if you do, you’ll probably be able to rapidly verify by logging into Google using your work email. Keep in mind that your web team or you must use Search Console to verify your company.

Verification of Postcards

Google will physically mail a postcard to the address specified in your business profile if you choose the postcard verification method. There is a code on the postcard; all you have to do is take it out of your mailbox and enter the number in Google Business Profile management.

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My own least favorite method of verification is this one. Nearly nobody is at a physical office these days to receive a postcard, aside from USPS delays. Avoid this if possible

Verification via Phone

The phone number you listed for your business can be used to get a text message similar to the mail verification process. An entry code for Google Business Profile will be included in the text.

Verification of Email

Lastly, email confirmation. In the event that you select this option, Google will deliver a code to your work email. If you’re already thinking about what’s next, you’re right on the money; you then need to enter that code in Google Business Profile to confirm your business.


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