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LeadsGorilla – #1 Lead Generation Tool : Everything You Need to Know & Why You Need It!

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LeadsGorilla Official

An Exquisite Lead Generation & Client Closing Software

If you’re in the business of lead generation and client closing, then you know that having a reliable and effective lead generation tool is essential.
LeadsGorilla is a powerful lead generation and client closing tool that can help you close more deals and boost your business twice as fast.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the everything you need to know about LeadGorilla and how can it HELP You for your lead generation campaigns and turn pre-qualified leads into high-paying clients.

What is Leads Gorilla?

A Cloud-Based lead finding & client closing CRM powered by proprietary ranking score technology to help you pin-point
local businesses that need Google Optimisation, Local SEO, Facebook Marketing among the other most popular digital marketing services.

In just minutes you can Find, Audit & Generate Stunning looking Reports for their Google Business Profile, Facebook or Websites SEO. (and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are looking for a CRM + lead finding & management tool that will help you close more deals and grow your business, then this is the software for you!

LeadsGorilla The Powerful Lead Generation & Client Closing Software (…short intro)

Use our powerful lead generation & client closing cloud-based software that helps businesses find and close more clients and close more deals.
It’s easy to use, has a clean interface, and comes with a variety of features that make it an incredibly powerful tool for any business

Despite its power, LeadsGorilla is very reasonably priced In fact, it’s one of the most affordable lead generation & client closing tools
on the market. Not only that, but LeadsGorilla comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, so you can try it completely risk-free.

There are many reasons why businesses and agency owners should use LeadsGorilla  – First and foremost, it’s an incredibly effective way
to generate leads and close more clients But beyond that, LeadsGorilla is also very easy to use, has great customer support, and is highly affordable.

If you’re looking for a lead generation & client closing tool that can help your business grow, then LeadsGorilla is definitely worth considering.


The TOP Benefits of using LeadsGorilla for Lead Generation Campaigns

LeadsGorilla is a comprehensive lead finding and client closing software that will Find, Pre-Qualify, Audit
& Small Business Leads For You on AUTOPILOT using proprietary technology!

It offers a number of benefits that make it an essential tool for businesses and marketing agencies of all sizes.
(That is if you want to scale and grow your business with affordable leads)

First, It helps businesses find Local Leads (Local Businesses), Anywhere in the world in just a few clicks.

Just enter a keyword or niche , the desired location to identify and scan businesses and click search.

Immediately you will get a list of pre-qualified leads that you can audit their Google Business Profile, Facebook, SEO or Citations Profiles
and scan for optimisation issues while generating an attention-grabbing PDF Report (Print Ready).

The software makes it easy to search for potential customers, track their contact information, and follow up with them.
This can save businesses a significant amount of time and money on prospecting leads.

Second, this lead finding software streamlines the process of closing deals with clients The software provides all the information businesses need to know about their prospects in one stunning looking CRM.

This includes contact information, LeadScore Rank Technology, and GBP claimed on unclaimed information.
With this information at their fingertips, businesses can close deals faster and more efficiently without
spending a dime on paid advertising to find and prospect leads.

Third, it offers a number of features that make business prospecting easier than ever before!
These features include automatic lead capture, advanced search filters, and customisable dashboards
With these tools, businesses can quickly find the leads that are most likely to convert into paying customers

What does LeadsGorilla do? 

It helps marketing consultants, digital agency owners, local businesses and entrepreneurs, to find unlimited local leads
that need digital marketing services for their business. With LeadsGorilla You can find, analyse and generate optimisation PDF reports
that highlights all the missing ranking factors for any business worldwide.

In other words, you can use it to close deals without a single cold call.

How do you use LeadsGorilla?

With LG – It’s simple to get stated even if you have zero technical skills. (follow through)

It works in 3 simple steps. 

Step #1: Enter a keyword or business niche + Desired location and hit search.
The software will go find & pre-qualify local leads for you on autopilot.
lead finding tool

Step#2: Generate GMB, Facebook, Citations, CoreWebVitals, Local SEO Reports
Simply generate attention-grabbing and print ready PDF optimisation reports for any local business worldwide in over 7 languages.

seo audit

Step #3: Contact HOT Leads – Send Free PDF reports & Close More Deals.
Once you identified HOT Leads, analyzed their online business profile, you
can contact the business owner directly from the application using our high-converting cold email templates.

contact leads

How much does LeadsGorilla cost?

It’s an affordable option for business lead generation and client acquisition software The one-time entry price as low as $47 ,
making it a great value for small businesses Additionally , there is currently a limited-time discount of 63% you can get here.

In this low one time price, you get everything from finding leads from both Google & Facebook, Analyze Business Issues & Generate PDF Reports,
Download Print-Ready PDF Reports, manage leads (CRM) module, LeadScore secret algorithm, contact leads module, 30+ high-converting client closing email templates integrated in the software and so much more that’s covered down below in this blog post.

Speaking of affordability…
Let’s jump into Pricing & Upgrades

LeadsGorilla Pricing – Affordable and Effective

A lead generation and client acquisition software, LeadsGorilla is known for its affordability and effectiveness
In this blog post section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the software’s features, upgrades, pricing, and reviews to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your business.

Let’s start off with the Standard Licenses Types and pricing plans:

There are Two Licenses Available to purchase – Starter License & Advanced License
(I highly encourage you to get started with LeadsGorilla Advanced – Most Popular Choice by smart marketers)

Click Here To Join LeadsGorilla

Get LeadsGorilla Today

Get Instant Access To The Most Advanced Lead Finder & Client Closing CRM out there.


LeadsGorilla Reviews – Here’s What Other Smart Marketers have to say about it

Real People Success Stories From Facebook:

leadsgorilla facebook reviews

leads gorilla review

leadsgorilla honest review

gorilla leads reviews

leadsgorilla reviews

Other’s LOVED It So much, they’ve sent us short selfie videos with their honest feedback & success stories.

Video Reviews About Real People Experience with LeadsGorilla. 




And That’s just some of the videos we’ve got… here’s some more honest reviews from TrustPilot.

Based on all LeadsGorilla Reviews – Here’s Why Customers Love it!

A cutting-edge lead finding and client closing software that is loved by customers for its simplicity and effectiveness
In just a few clicks, users can find leads and close deals, making it one of the most powerful lead generation & client acquisition tools on the market

  • Simplicity The user interface is clean and simple, making it easy to find and close deals
  • Effectiveness LeadsGorilla quickly finds and closes deals, saving users time and money
  • Affordable LeadsGorilla is very affordable, making it a great value for businesses of all sizes
  • Powerful The software is packed with features that make lead generation & client acquisition quick and easy
  • It even comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

LeadsGorilla Upgrades –  Discounted Links

If you’re already convinced and Joined LeadsGorilla – Congratulations, You’ve made a very smart choice.

…but for some reason, you might of missed our special upgrades packages and wondering what they are and how much they cost to upgrade your LeadsGorilla License.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the discounted links to take your account to the next lever and triple your client closing rate.

Drums roll…

 LeadsGorilla PRO – Upgrade #1 (One-Time Offer):

With the PRO Version  you get 300% more chances to close your first or next client
within the next 7 days! Because it come’s with unlimited usage and leads that you can prospect.

Here are just some of the features that you get when you become a PRO LeadsGorilla Member:

  • Search & Find Unlimited Leads On Google & Facebook
  • Generate Unlimited Optimisation PDF Reports (GBP Audits, Facebook Audits, SEO & Local SEO Audits, Core Web Vitals Audit, Competitor Audits)
  • Contact Unlimited Leads Inside LeadsGorilla CRM
  • Get Print Ready SEO & Google Business Profile Optimisation PDF Reports
  • Add Your own branding in the generated reports.
  • Edit & Customise ALL Colors for ALL PDF Reports.
  • Integrated PRO High-Converting Email Templates (To Close Cold Leads)
  • Local Genius Training (We teach you everything you need to know about Local Marketing)
  • Extra PRO Functions Video Training Module
  • Local Tools Module (For Local Businesses & Marketing Agencies)
  • Private Facebook Group Invitation
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Additional PRO Local Data Sets For Reports. (Local Schema, Contact, Yelp, Google Tag, SSL Certificates, WordPress checkers)

LeadsGorilla PRO

You can Upgrade Your Account immediately after joining as a member.

LeadsGorilla Citations – Upgrade #2 (One-Time Offer):

With the Citations  License  you get access to an unfair advantage and audit
any small local business citations SEO Profile, and pinpoint exactly what’s keeping them from ranking higher
on Google and 3-Pack of Maps.  (This is a highly requested service among SMBs)

Here are just some of the features that you get when you become a LeadsGorilla Citations Special Member:

  • Citations Finder Module (Find Missing Citations & Improve Local SEO Score)
  • Generate Citation Optimisation PDF Reports
  • Customise & Brand Citations PDF Reports.
  • Export .csv with the citations links and SEO profile.
  • Send Citations Reports
  • Free Resources & Tools List.
  • Export Missing Citations List
  • Citations Services Outsourcing Cheatsheet
  • Generate Citations Reports for individual external URL (any website)

LeadsGorilla Citations

LeadsGorilla Agency – Upgrade #3 (One-Time Offer):

With the Agency License  you get to present yourself as an authority in front of your
leads giving you more chances to close more deals in less time.

Here are just some of the features that you get when you become a LeadsGorilla Agency Special Member:

  • Manage Clients (Full Leads CRM) Module
  • LeadsGorilla Professional Marketing Agency WordPress Website (Ready To GO – Pre-filled with content)
  • No Technical Skills required.
  • Easy To Install and modify in WordPress
  • Local Bundle Package
  • Local Logo Package
  • DFY Fb Ads Package
  • DFY Swipes
  • DFY Tele-swipes
  • DFY Legal contract
  • DFY Google Banners
  • Standalone One-Click Installation LOCAL SEO AGENCY

LeadsGorilla Agency


Conclusion: The best lead generation & client closing tool on the market.

If you’re looking for the best lead generation and client closing tool, look no further than LeadsGorilla!

LeadsGorilla - Lead Finding Tool

It’s packed with features that will help you close more deals and find new leads, and it’s affordable, too If you’re looking for a lead generation and client closing tool, LeadsGorilla is the way to go.

If you want to find and sign up more local business clients for your digital marketing agency, this is the software that you need to have in your marketing arsenal. (It comes with Lifetime License at a one time payment.

Get LeadsGorilla Account Today



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